USA Based Cameroonian Actress Mbango Adambi Set To Step On Home Soil For The First Time After Fame



Any one who knows anything about the Cameroon movie industry should know the name Mbango Adambi, key character and producer of the popular award winning movie Ndolo And The Senator. Adambi has been in and around the movie industry for some time but finally made her big breakthrough with the movie Ndolo And The Senator which was probably one of the most talked about movies in 2016. The movie which was premiered on January 30th, 2016 in Housten Texas stars some top African actors like; Frank Artus, Kelechi Eke, Sunnyfield Okezie, Jasmine Roland, Eko Leonel, Edith Pikwa, Ruth Taku, Bareh Mildred, Samson Tarh, Beatrice Nwana etc.



The success of the movie Ndolo and the Senator completely converted Mbango Adambi from a regular young lady to a highly celebrated movie maker. We all know fame comes with a lot of challenges/responsibilities and could have a huge impact on one’s personality in a very short time. The regular “low key” Adambi who left Cameroon three years ago thinks she is finally ready to make glorious return home.

History has it that when ever Adambi steps out, she gives the public something to talk about and I can’t help but wonder what packages will accompany her trip to Cameroon. Reliable sources say the actress is coming home for a movie project so keep your head up; you might just catch her and her crew in the act of history making. Adambi is expected to hit the Douala international airport on Thursday June 1st 2017.



Nevertheless, lets hope she makes some official public appearances in which case we would be expecting her usual ‘attention catching outfits’ (Click here to check out some of Adambi’s Red Carpet Outfits). Fan expectations will be high and I hope the young movie maker can keep up. All the same, I wish her a safe flight home.