KamerLink : Tractor Loses Control (Brake Failure) On The Streets Of Molyko Buea (Video)


Saturday 17th September was another dark day in Molyko Buea. An old Tractor completely lost control due to brake failure sweeping everything in its path. Luckily the driver was wise enough to lower the loader to the ground, reducing the momentum. The tractor finally stopped in front of Bicec Bank, UB junction carrying along one unfortunate lady. She lost one leg and was immediately rushed to the hospital.




Take a look at the tractor. How old could it be? Why is it still roaming the streets and endangering lives? Should there be a restriction on the use of such heavyweight vehicles on the streets during the busy hours of the day? Are there any regulations that control the age or state of vehicles in Cameroon?



Road users in Cameroon need to be on their guard. The accidents are becoming unbearable. Something has to be done urgently.


Eye witness explains what happened (in pidgin English):