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Lionn Production is pleased to unveil a whole new side of Mr Leo in his very first single under the label. Since joining his very own label, the Lionn Of Africa has been busy putting together the unrevealed side of his art and creativity.

The multi-award winning Cameroonian music icon finally comes through with the long awaited project titled ‘TIME’. A unique vibe with a strong message and a mind blowing video concept to match.



Mr Leo“Time is our most valuable asset. Everything we do revolves around time. You are born, you grow up, you grow old and eventually die but the question is; what kind of life do you live, what impact does your life have on the world. Also in this song I try to personalize TIME. Imagine time was a person, imagine what people would do just to be close to that person just so they don’t get to worry about time. People would practically give up their all just so they don’t get to worry about time. That’s how valuable time is. Time waits for no one and I hope this song can revive our consciousness and get us to value TIME a lot more”

TIME, produced by CFX with visuals realized by Artnurin in Collaboration with Dr Nkeng Stephens features two prominent Cameroonian movie stars Onyama Laura & Godisz Fongwa.

Enjoy this piece as we look forward to more good music from the Lion Of Africa – Mr Leo.


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