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Mbeng Julie Ike who goes by stage name Jaye is Buea based artists signed under the BGC record label. The 20 years old African Queen of Kizomba, Singer, Songwriter and video vixen is the latest music sensation in the country. After her hit single Ungenre Ungenre which announced her name in the music world, the singer has dropped another solo hit titled Amio.

Amio was first released on the 28th of January exclusively on BoomPlay and has been making rounds on social media and playlist of thousands of fans and lovers of JayƩ, topping the music charts locally.



Amio is a Cameroonian ‘Romeo and Juliet’ love story. An Anglophone girl who falls in love with a Francophone guy in the midst of conflict. The Kizomba delivered in Pidgin English and Faux French is a tribute to the 1980s hit "Amie" by Bebe Manga. It is a blend of our modern-day society and Cameroonian music in the 80s as she sandwiches the music culture of the 80s to a modern solo to produce a masterpiece.



Fans and music critics have welcomed the hit song with enthusiasm, saying it revives the fading memory of the rich musical heritage of Cameroon and Africa. JayƩ is a sensational African rising queen of AfroFusion and Kizomba and one of the artists under the record label BGC Melody.




Management: +237 670611090 or email: bgcmelody@outlook.com

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