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Born 25th Dec 1995 in the South West Region of Cameroon, Tiki Marie-Noel Mbua is a singer, song writer and performer known by the stage name RIKI MARIA. Born with a natural talent and passion for singing, Riki Maria started off singing alone in her bathroom before building the confidence to sing at social gatherings and public places during her secondary school days. Her passion took another turn in 2014 when she released first project which was a cover of Stanley Enow’s hit song Hein Pere. This marked the beginning of her professional journey as a musician.



While putting in the necessary work to develop her talent professionally, recording songs and doing covers for popular songs, Riki’s irrestIble vocals put her in high demand as a backup vocalist for prominent artistes like;  Stanley Enow, Daphne etc


[caption id="attachment_12249" align="alignnone" width="768"] RIKI MARIA & STANLEY ENOW[/caption]



According to Riki, developing your talent and following your passion doesn’t necessitate forgoing your education. In that light, she can boast of an HND in Nursing from BIAKA University Buea.



Riki Maria started her studio works at Warrior Records owned by Blue Jay and later moved to Buea where she got a record deal with a new Cameroonian record label; Ten12. She then tested the waters with her first single JULIE, produced by Edi Le’Drae, an audio track released on September 10th 2018. This earned her a place in the hearts of music fans, radio interviews, Tv appearances and bookings. The success of this track implied exposure, enlightenment and the need to meet growing expectations from a fast rising fan base. Hence the need to return to the drawing board, put in more underground work, restrategize, refine her art and redefine her big picture.



The foundation has been laid and Riki Maria is finally back with all that it takes to blow more minds. Picking off from where she left off, Riki is here with the long awaited visuals of her hit single JULIE, directed by Afilms.

RIKI MARIA: “This particular song JULIE is very dear to my heart. I am a lady and I know what society has done to the mentalities of young girls out there. I know how much girls struggle to fit in, maintain and impress. You can’t live a life that is not yours and definitely you can’t live above your means. Trying so hard to copy another person when you don’t know how they get the means to live the life they live. Don’t fake your life and no need to sell your dignity for money. I just wish to see a world where girls can try as much to live a decent life. It’s not always easy but it’s always worth it”.





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