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Cameroonian Fashion Designer Alvine Sangha, CEO of Everlasting Designs Celebrates Her Birthday With Stunning Shots


Founded November 6th 2016, Everlasting Designs is a Clothing & Accessory line which basically uses Plain, Printed and Ankara fabrics to design and produce outfits for all occasions. Founded by a self-taught young Cameroonian Alvine Sangha, Everlasting Designs has been able to stand the test of time as far as creativity and customer satisfaction is concerned.

January 25th, 2020, in celebration of her birthday, the young creative mind behind this reputable brand hits the internet with stunning pictures of herself rocking some of her master pieces.

For the very first time talking about the source of her inspiration and the concept behind her creations, Everlasting Designs CEO, Alvine Sangha granted KamerLink a one on one where she revealed thus;



“Our designs are inspired by Modesty, hence our slogan ‘EVERLASTING DESIGNS, CREATING A WORLD OF MODEST PEOPLE’. We no longer need to separate faith from fashion. We can still be fashionable and Christians. My definition of modesty is ‘SAP ACCORDING TO YOUR MEANS & CULTURE’ and most importantly, ‘WEAR WHAT FITS YOU’. If being extravagant is within your means and desire, kill yourself. Also, Everlasting Designs is greatly inspired by Christ because it’s only through him that I can do all the things I do without any training”.

“I am trying my best to give back to the world by training less privileged persons and IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) for free. My greatest motivation comes from seeing a smile of satisfaction on the face of my clients after every job and of course when I am able to see my trainees perform just as well or even better than myself”.

“I just want to keep giving myself and my clients that WOW effect each time I finish a piece of work”


Indeed there is always that WOW effect. I personally got a huge dose of it the first day I witnessed Everlasting Designs runway display at FIAFA 2019. 2020 we look forward to more of such displays, a promised collection from Everlasting Designs, A promised grand fashion event, Graduate 5 trained IDPs as promised and of course a long list of testimonials from satisfied clients.



Once again Happy Birthday to the brain behind this fast rising fashion brand, Alvine Sangha. More life, More inspiration and God’s guidance as you rise up the success ladder.



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