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Cameroonian Rapper / Beat Maker releases a 15 Track Album titled KUMBAYA


From his first rap lyrics with the BLP crew to beat making in Dodei, a
duo formed with Bouvier, A.N.G has continued to chart his way. Since
its first appearance in VRJN (Green Red Yellow In the Black), the
first album of Killa Mel released in 2008, A.N.G has constantly sought
his way. After a successful installation in England in 2011, the sound
producer from Deido, Douala, continued to perfect his craft. There are
collaborations with Jack Napier, Alberto The Keys, Kastra but also the
youngest, Dareal, Skriim, Teddy and Inna, all as a producer.

2015 marked the release year of #2015Reasons. 2016 was a year marked
by #Rome, a project in common with Tom Kingue, his old friend forever.
A year later, he released #HaineEtHarmonie and opens more to his fans
by addressing themes such as friendship, love, in short, life. While
we were waiting for his album in early 2019, A.N.G surprises with
#Mystic, a 6-track EP while waiting for the album. Prolific, and right
in his boots, he finally released his first album, entitled #Kumbaya,
November 8, 2019.

A total of 15 tracks, cleverly concocted with hip hop sauce,
ingredients made of samples, and cutlery full of melodies that will
hit you. While waiting for his move to DOMAF 2019, London's most
show-warmest beat maker shares with his fans, you, the media, and the
rest of the world, "KUMBAYA", a campaign song sketched by the slaves
at the end of a season to make peace between them men and the spirit

CLICK HERE to grab a copy of the FULL ALBUM #KUMBAYA

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