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Discover USA Based Cameroonian Artiste TIANA B in Her Latest Inspirational Piece "YES YOU CAN"

US Based Cameroonian artiste, Movie producer, Entertainer; Tiana B, has released a new single titled Yes You Can under her production company; Pyramid Productions International. Just as the title gives away, Yes You Can is an inspirational and motivational piece.

“I wrote this song to encourage those who have been bullied and told over and over that they are either nothing, or can't do anything right. Get up, dust yourself and face your future because it's brighter than you think and “yes you can” if only you start today.”-Tiana B

The RnB/Pop beat of the song was produced by Christ Hayes, a British music producer based in Los Angeles] and the vibrant, lively and colourful video was directed by Dexter Brains of the Brains Concept USA.

Click below to watch and enjoy:

About Tiana B

TIANA B. hails from Cameroon, West Africa from a very large family of three wives and many children. Her late father sacrificed all he had to educate his children of which Tiana, the oldest child of the last wife, had to work very hard to help her parents as they raised a large family. Inspired by the need to help others especially her family, Tiana has grown to be a very hard-working woman whose sole joy comes from supporting her widowed mom and siblings without leaving out many extended family members whom for years have depended on the support coming from her. Tiana is arguably one of the most multi-talented African entertainers in the diaspora.  She is a singer, actress, comedian, writer, producer, talk show host/MC. She is an Entertainment Brand and Marketing Strategist who partners with other entertainments CEOs, executives, and solo entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands, hand-to hand and vis a vis the demand and quest at a given time.

After spending nearly, a decade working in PR and marketing for her personal production house - PYRAMID PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL. Tiana is a dynamic inquirer who is geared on a quest for a bigger dream fulfillment towards dimensional goal as she calls it, reaching out for more than just helping others by establishing a platform where the African culture can be

celebrated and acclaimed under the patronage of AFRIFAMU African Fashion and Music festival and ACAA African Community Achievement Award, which also celebrates and appreciate African men and women from different works of life with a common goal of helping their communities to eradicate poverty, increase sustainable growth, and implementing social change. With two musical albums on iTunes and other online media networks, more than 7 movies to her credit, and nearly 10 screenplays (published and unpublished), Tiana has branded herself in a unique way by also getting into the foreign entertainment markets including Hispanics and Korean entertainment through her linguistic privileges.

 Tiana speaks Spanish, English, and French very fluently and now progressing with the Korean language as well.  After many years of fevering background work, “The Dynamite” (as she calls herself sometimes), decided to make her dream a reality by bringing AFRIFAMU to life in 2017.  It has been a journey, but the dream has just commenced. With every inch of her strength, she is working restlessly to see that AFRIFAMU remains a success. Tiana knows what truly drives her success as a producer. She connects well with people who are in need of the provided services and feels the heart-beat of the people in need of help. She has a remarkable ability to understand and communicate your ideas relative to and relating well with the people who are able to support your dreams.

Tiana is currently a DOCTORATE (PhD.) student in mental health facilitation who is fully committed to higher learning and dedicated to a host of extended studies. She is also a California licensed Massage Therapist. As an Executive producer, she has successfully produced three (3) movies; The Swap Intention, Virgin Blade and Vindicated.

Tiana is grateful for the success of the past two editions of her organization AFRIFAMUACAA, the attention, positive response and commitment of the community towards AFRIFAMU.  Releasing her New music “YES YOU CAN” video to be featured in the Cameroonian entertainment media is only a commencement of her new journey and challenge. We look forward to enjoying more from the stables of Pyramid Productions International and the owner (CEO) Tiana B.

Keep up with Tiana B on Social Media:

  • Facebook : C’tiana Bibish Elad

  • Instagram : Tiana Bibish

  • Twitter: Tiana Bibish

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