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[SPANKING NEW] : Sevo Nchifor - Die For U (VIDEO)


Sevo Nchifor (Simply known as Sevo) is a Cameroonian born singer based in
Cleveland, Ohio USA. He is a Medical Doctor by profession but has a great passion for music. He prescribes both music and medications to all his patients and this combination
has always worked magic. His Magic formula is Music + Medicine = Best Health.
The song titled “Die for U” is the first official song of his first Music Album.
More songs will be released in the coming months.

Sevo hails from a huge family in pinyin- Bamenda called “the Nchifors”.

He completed primary and secondary school in pinyin and high school in Santa-
Bamenda before relocating to the US in 2009.

He attended University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, North Dakota where he
obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics after 4 years.
Sevo immediately enrolled in medical school at Oakland University William
Beaumont (OUWB) School of Medicine where he obtained a Degree in Medicine
after 4 years.
He is currently specializing at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center (UH
CMC) in Cleveland Ohio.


Sevo's Dad was a guitarist and choirmaster and used to bring Sevo with him to teach
choir in several quarters in the village. His dad was the person who introduced
'bottle dance in pinyin" and was a very active bottle dance member before he passed
away in 2004. Before he passed away he gave Sevo his guitar and also asked Sevo to
promised him that he will grow up to become a medical doctor, which he did. Sevo
has kept to his father wishes and has become someone who doesn't make premises
that he cannot fulfill.

Sevo sings for a hubby, to de-stress and to soothe souls and with absolutely no
intension of making money out of music.

All he wants from you all is to watch his videos on YouTube, subscribe, like them
and share them with friends and family.

Stay tuned, more music is coming your way and this is a promise. Remember!! He
doesn't make promises he can't fulfill.



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