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Manlikeclix - The Style Consultant , Why We need him


Unlike in other countries where celebrities hire stylists and style consultants for their red carpets and video projects , Cameroon is yet to understand the importance of iconic fashion stylists , we have all seen viral photos of celebrities poorly dressed on a regular occasion and it is no news that celebrities need a stylist and someone to properly dress them up for their projects .

Question would be why do we fail in our industry to call out people like manlikeclix who knows fashion exactly the same way these artists know their music and entertainment? I bet the answer will be a lot more than we probably think but if finance is not one of the answers why are we neglecting our fashion image and claim to represent it with vocals? This is a very important topic in this industry , choosing a stylist like Divine Polyvalant or The Noel Closet aka manlikeclix ( Real Names Gwei Noel Yengong ) , is the best way to escalate our image to the world and show them how much we have to offer apart from the studio voice.

We went through manlikeclix’s Instagram and noticed that he has a taste for culture , elegance and diversity taking things way back and mixing up the new school gentleman sensation with a little blend of vintage style. Is this not someone we need in this industry ?



Check out his Instagram @manlikeclix and see the importance of an ignored iconic figure in your industry . From street style to elegance to fusion style he kills it

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