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Project Designer Africa has come to solve and issue many have been facing for years, mostly the diaspora, concerning supervision and accountability on their local construction projects. So many desiring to build houses, business buildings have been duped because of trusting the wrong person. It has now become an herculean task for the to trust anymore.

About Project Designer Africa

Created in 2018, Project Designer Africa is specialised in project management, training (capacity reenforcement) and civil engineering. Their mission is to support and monitor local associations, public and private structures and civil societies in the conception, planing and implementation of projects as well as economic development.

The company proposes its customers a high level expertise with added values. Project Design Africa has a very dynamic team with practical skills and is very meticulous concerning deadlines.

Project Designer Africa: Their Missions

- Contribute to self employment among youth

- Promote quality services and invite diaspora people to come back and invest locally

- Put in place initiative to develop their activities

- Providing good quality services within the deadlines.

Project Designer Africa's team recently invited bloggers to present their recent app which enables to monitor work and projects from afar, with an innovative option that sends instant pictures from the field. Where are those people desiring to build cultural infrastructures? This is for you.

"We are satisfied when our customers dreams are fulfilled. If you live abroad, do not hesitate to come to us if you are tired of being cheated.", declares the administration.

 Download the app and follow your ungoing project via the link ). Follow Project Designer Africa on Facebook and on their website !

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