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Lor'Terr Naturals Launches New Branch In Yaounde


Who talks beauty salons in Cameroon without mentioning Lor'Terr Naturals??


Founded by a young Cameroonian Myra Fembe aka the Queen Of NAPPY HAIR, Lor'Terr Naturals has grown in reputation over its 10years of existence. A reputation not only based on the quality of their products, handwork or customer service but on the concept behind its existence. Lor'Terr Naturals is more than just a beauty salon. It is a movement...



Lor'Terr as a beauty brand provides hair dressing services, makeup services and accompanying natural hair treatment products like several other beauty brands you might know; but like no other beauty brand you might have come across, Lor'Terr Naturals has created a movement for 'Naturalistas' focusing all their works and products towards the preservation and beautification of nature and heritage.

"African women, embrace your  identity, embrace the natural texture of your hair, wear your hair proudly like a queen wears her crown".


With years of outstanding work from the base in Douala - Cameroon and sensitization Campaigns online and offline including the creation of the "Kinky Soul" event to nappy hair and black beauty, Myra Fembe and team have succeeded in winning the loyalty of many beauty lovers around the country registering an average of 25 persons daily who visit the Douala branch for the following services;

  • Natural Hair-do for everyday consumption and ceremonies.

  • Production and Supply of hair products (Made in Cameroon)

  • Professional Make-Up for all occasions.



To take the movement further and impact many more Cameroonians, Lor'Terr just created a new branch in Yaounde which was opened on Friday 13th April 2019. The opening of Lor'Terr Naturals Yaounde branch saw over 100 persons who came around to support the movement and most importantly benefit from the free hair-do offered by Lor'Terr as an opening day treat for all their Yaounde based clients and future clients.



So it's official. Lor'Terr Naturals now operates from two locations;

  • Douala - Pacours Vita behind TOTAL petrol station.

  • Yaounde - Behind Swiss Embassy Bastos.



natural beauty salon & hair products

A Home For 'Naturalistas'

whatsapp : +237 653817874

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  1. I have known L'or terr on social networks and I have always appreciated the way this show promotes the beauty of the black woman through the work done on natural hair but also by the products made in 237 that she do ... I am delighted with the opening of a branch here in Yaoundé ... really delighted and I had the opportunity to be pampered and coiffed at the opening! Continue like this Myra ... thanks to your work, many Cameroonian and African women assume their frizzy hair and feel more beautiful than ever