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Dear Cameroonian youth, don't be a victim of drug abuse!


''Fun'', ''delirium", ''ecstasy'' and many others. These are the motivating factors that push young people to indulge into the consumption of drugs. The types of drugs consumed by youths these days are so many and diverse, for all classes, be they both legal or illegal.

One of the best known and currently en vogue drug is called "tramol" otherwise known as "THE TRAMADOL." It is a drug of the family of opiates, developed by a pharmaceutical laboratory and designed to relieve pain.

This medicine, although legal, is a drug that is particularly popular amongst youths who abuse it and use it to 'get high.'

Beyond creating controversial behavior, tramadol is not a solution to one's problems because once its effect is faded, the return to reality is fatal.

It will only be a source of problems as it's side effects also involve nausea, vomiting, sweating and more dangerous consequences.. So dear youth, is it worth destroying your life? Say No to drug abuse! Say No to TRAMADOL.


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