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Pidgin Trap King CLAUDE DOE Is Set To Hit The Road With The Lead Single Off His Upcoming Album "MARRIED TO THE GAME"


Ngufor Claude better known by the stage name Claude Doe is a young Cameroonian rapper, song writer, entrepreneur and producer. He hails from the North West Region of the republic of Cameroon and was born September 10th 1990.

At a very young age, he showed great admiration for music and particularly rap. This passion was greatly fueled as he got himself engaged in school talent competitions, rap battles and musical showcases. Thou he wasn’t victorious in all, he always stood out!

His late teens were characterized by travelling, reading, writing, art and discovery. As a student of the game he used his various trips abroad to immerse himself with nature and get connected with his inner self.

Something traumatic happened which would eventually change the course of his life forever. He was locked up and spent some considerable amount of time in prison; he was at an all-time low. During this gruesome period` while he was locked up, music became his savior.  He decided all time and resources available to him in prison to master his craft.

Time past and he was eventually set free. Considerably shaken by the experience, he decided to fully dive into his music. This gave birth to the label H.M.G (HOOK MONEY GANG). Its objective is simple, use music as a tool for social change. It is not only a music record label; it started a movement and subsequently became a way of life!

In the year 2013, Claude Doe dropped a mix tape comprising of seven songs. With lead singles such as Dangwa & Hot Nigga. He brings you to the future, a new school age and a whole new feeling to trap music. With the success of the mix tape, he returned to Cameroon and released the Money Ep, much to critical acclaim. This is the base that was used to re connect him to his fans and introduce him to the new ones.



His main objective is to consistently raise the bar for African Hip Hop. Claude Doe introduced what he calls Pidgin Grind Trap Music which is being widely embraced by his fans. His delivery is a unique blend of Cameroonian pidgin accompanied by Trap/Hip Hop and pop instrumentals.


Claude Doe Also Calls himself a Young CEO Of the New School Record Label , H.M.G Hook Money Gang which is a movement and a life style under which he released the two singles Every day hustle and where were you off the (WWU)“Money EP” which served as a prelude to the Married to the Game album.

The lead single off the album, is entitled ‘no time’ features industry veteran and pop heavy weight Mimshack. Claudoe is set to hit the road with the audio and subsequently the visuals of this hit single on January 25th and 31st respectively under the canopy of Hook Money Gang #HMG and BRAAH Records. He announced the audio release earlier today on his social media accounts and his fast rising fan base is anxiously anticipating.




Upon release of the MARRIED TO THE GAME ALBUM, he will embark on a media tour to not only promote the album but to as well connect with his growing fan base.

Claude Doe is also an exceptional football player. He excelled greatly at the sport but his love for music overtook his football ambitions. His hobbies include reading, painting and most especially spending with his family.



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