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[ARTISTE PROFILE] : Discover Cameroonian Gospel/Inspirational Artiste TIANA NABI


Tiana Nabi Is a Cameroonian female gospel and societal music artist originally from Kom in the Northwest Region and presently residing in Bamenda. She is a Language/Literature Government High School Teacher.

She developed her love for music in the 90s when she started singing in a school choir. It remained passion until early 2006 when she recorded her first single titled “how could you be”; a song which was co-written by adah akenji (One of the best video directors in present times). Though the song was really great, it was never released. Shortly after, she did a series of other studio projects such as:I understand, kurukuru, buddy it’s over, amongst others.

In 2012,TianaNabi got back into the studio and recorded a songtitled “I know” which featured Stryke P, now known as Pascal. Public reaction and fan love lead her into doing “Gimme love” in 2014 ft zegeman, “window lover” which was released in 2017, “over everything” in 2017 released with a lyrics video and the audio of “Yahweh”.



Mindful of the expenditure and intensive financial investment in music, Tiana Nabi revealed that she gets help in funding her projects from family, friends, shows and my personal savings.

Since her debut in 2012, Tiana Nabi has so far learned so much about music, developed her vocals, gotten familiar with stage performance and above all created positive connection with some of the best producers and video directors notably: DJ Pazzo aka Sangtum, Master Robooster, Blaise B aka Akwandor, adahakenji, Chuzih Herbert among others. These and more have reassured her that she is ready to penetrate the market with her own genre which has been under development for such a long time.

In an interview with us, Tiana revealed that some of her highest obstacles has been marketing, meeting and working with trustworthy producers, penetrating the music industry and influencing the market with her music genre.



Presently, Tiana Nabi has completed a video project for her latest single titled “Yahweh”, shot by Adah Akenji and programmed to drop in the days ahead. She also has a series of complete singles saved in her music bank just for you.



Despite her exceptional talent in music, Tiana still draws inspiration from great Cameroonian artistes in the likes of Charlotte Dipanda, Ben Decca and C.Fotso. The Societal/Gospel artist also made mention of the fact that she has a thing for movies and would get into acting if she had to do something aside singing in entertainment.

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