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[#LinkUpLive] Mihney Reveals Her Top 3 Rapper Qualities, 3 Artistes She Would Definitely Date and The Story Behind Her Fashion Sense


Sunday 28th October was another fun filled day on #LinkUp Live on KamerLink Facebook Page. We were honored by the presence of a super talented female rapper/Singer, Mihney who prefers to be referred to as Mami Fo House. Once again the fans had the opportunity to linkup on another level with their star, facilitated by our very own Faith Tata.  Here are some of the key questions Mihney answered both from the host and from the fans;



Faith Tata: How would you describe what you do for a living

Mihney : I entertain people, I do music videos, release them and if it goes where I want it to go I consider that a job well done. I do shows as well, that's how i make my money. but of course music is not the only thing I do for a living. I do other stuff.


Faith Tata: What are these Other things you do aside music ?

Mihney : (laughs) HUSTLE ... I hustle...


Faith Tata: Did you always think that you were going to end up as an entertainer, an artiste, a rapper ?

Mihney : Yeah I always wanted that. I was more certain about that in High School considering the way music was at the time. You know before you make career choices you need to pick up lessons from other people who've been there before you. At the time all we had was makossa and I wasn't really into the makossa vibe so I was still doubting if i wanted to be in that environment and do music. As time went by, new comers popped in  and started doing the kind of music I felt comfortable with sparking my interest in joining the music industry.


Faith Tata: What is that defining moment or memory that catalyzed your decision to join the music industry

Mihney : Well back in form 2 I was in a church choir. I was a rapper in the choir because I didn't have the best of voices. Then I remember there was this DJ in my 'quartier', he heard me singing a song I wrote and invited me over to the studio to help me record it. I did it the first time and really enjoyed it so I thought to myself "Yeah I could keep on with this" then coincidentally I met up with some friends in High school who were also into music, we formed a group 'Heroes" but two years later when we graduated from high school we went apart to different universities.


Faith Tata: What influences your music the most?

Mihney : Just regular life. When I'm writing I get as real as I can, if I have to put down a line I take a look at my life and if I've ever experienced that, I put it down just the way I experienced it. It mustn't always be my experiences, sometimes it's about the what the people around me experience on a day to day basis.



Faith Tata: I see you are with Pascal, can you bring him on for a second? So Mihney who is pascal to you ?

Mihney : Pascal is my favorite person. I call him Favo.

Faith Tata: Pascal do you feel the same about her?

Pascal : Of course she is. I feel the same Damn way.

Faith Tata: Are you guys dating?

Pascal : She is like a nigger beside me


Faith Tata: Mihney if you were to pick three Cameroonian celebrities to go on a romantic date with, who would you pick?

Mihney : Magasco, Tenor and Stanley Enow.


Faith Tata: Your fashion sense is quite outspoken. What do you dress the way you do?

Mihney : Growing up with my mum she would get me stuff that would last like 5years. So when I have a few coins I go to the market, pick up a few things to complement what I already had. So I was fun of mismatching my own stuff to suit my taste. Also I am attracted to anything that is out of the ordinary. I just wanna do something strange, new and fun. I basically just feel free and catching fun with my outfits.


Faith Tata: Have you ever auditioned or been through any musical competition?

Mihney : Nope!!!

Faith Tata: If you were made judge of a musical competition for rap music what qualities would you judge your subjects on?

Mihney : I'd go for looks, style, then talent. This is because an artiste is a product and the first selling point of a product is good looks. Artistes need to have a sense of style. The visual arts is part of the package.


Faith Tata: Let's go down memory lane. From Otantic to Eben, how do you feel about that transition?

Mihney : I'd say that is a level up. Many people get it twisted but Otantic wasn't a record label. We were just a group of persons and we gave ourselves a name. We had no contract but we were working on making a label so we were branding it as such.


Faith Tata: Do you miss Otantic music sometimes?

Mihney : Yeahhh.. we had something especially when it came to studio time it was all about fun and feeling free. Nobody was trying to be someone else. I miss that and if they give me a chance I'm gonna come back and do a few songs but not like full time; Just work.



Faith Tata: Any projects in the pipeline ?

Mihney : Of course; I have a featuring and a solo song, videos are ready and my team has a strategic plan so wait for it. There are three songs and one of the songs is purely rap and it will be the first rap song I put out under Eben.


Kingsley Fonsa : Looks? To judge a singer with looks?

Mihney : Of course Kingsley, because I wanna sell that artiste as a product. So I would like for the looks to be something that if I add some money to those looks it will be a bomb. There is so much talent out there and we need something more than just talent if I wanna get someone under my wings.


Faith Tata: In an interview, Pascal said he'll rather call you an artist than a rapper. What do you think promoted him to say so and from your perspective what's the difference between these two?

Mihney : An artist is more globalized; it could be a painter, singer, rapper, or anyone doing any form of art.


Faith Tata: In every job there are challenges. What is the greatest fear you've ever had to overcome so far in your music career?

Mihney : I'd say I've faced fears not with the process of making the music but with the business part of the music. The challenge I face as a girl is the fact that some of these people who can take your career to the next level don't just wanna talk business. Some of them want something else, so I've had to deal with perverts and that's been my greatest challenge as a girl in the industry.


Faith Tata: How do you feel about other Cameroonian female rappers like yourself? Do you feel comfortable or is there any tension in their presence?

Mihney : I'm mad comfortable. I see the game not as an individual, I see the game more as us trying to lift up the country so anyone who comes into the game is able to take Cameroon to the next level. I really wanna see Cameroon being mentioned  when they talk about top rappers in Africa so if someone can take us to that level it's a great thing.


Bossay Rossay. What do you think is lacking in the Cameroon rap music

Mihney : I think as dope as rap music in Cameroon may be, they don't make it pass a certain level. Francophone rappers have a few rap songs that blow but they are those rap songs that have been fine-tuned and commercialized. The day we'll have real rap rap rap music blow to that high level then we'd be able to say there is nothing lacking in Cameroon rap music.


Faith Tata: Comparing artistes is always normal. Fans do that a lot. What do you think makes you standout?

Mihney : I can't tell. It's for the fans to tell me cos I do my thing the way I like it. I'm too focused on making my art more perfect that I don't feel like I'm in. Many artistes are coming up but I barely even get linked up with them. I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing.


Faith Tata: Is it okay to copy someone's style?

Mihney : It's not okay. If you copy you have to quote that person. that is what we call plagiarism. I don't encourage copying.


Faith Tata: Do you take anything before you go on stage?

Mihney : I don't take anything. All I do is take a piss. I can say I'm natural high when I get on stage and my adrenaline comes automatically. It goes same when I'm in front of the camera.


Faith Tata: Do you believe drugs or alcohol play a role in inspiring your music content and the way you deliver in the booth and on stage?

Mihney : I can't tell cos I've never really had to take drugs to inspire any song of mine. As a matter of fact each time I take alcohol all I wanna do is sleep. I get weak and heavy but no boost. It just doesn't affect me in a good way.


Faith Tata: Do you have a boyfriend?

Mihney : Nooooo Nobody wants me (laughs). There is someone I might consider but I don't want anyone around showbiz. I'm still thinking (laughs).


Soft Banks : Which international artistes do you hope to work with?

Mihney : I have like a bunch of them; Nasty C, Patoranking, Wizkid, and in Cameroon we have, Gasha, Blanche Bailly, Askia, Tenor, Stanley Enow and this new girl Amatula, y'all need to check her out. She is amazing.



Faith Tata: As the fine girl that you are, name five things you can't do without.

Mihney : I can't do without harts, (I won't say makeup cos I don't like makeup), my sneakers, jewelry, body care(, I love my space; I can't do without it.


Faith Tata: Have you ever felt misunderstood?

Mihney : Yeah so many times. I had this problem of expressing myself. Most times I'd have something in my head and I can't put it in words so I end up something people get the wrong way. 


Soft Banks : Who is your musical idol and someone who really inspires you to do rap?

Mihney : Missy Eliot and Alicia Keys (smiles)... and Lil Wayne... those are my idols.


Faith Tata: What do you have to say to all those watching you and those who are madly in love with your music?

Mihney : I'm grateful. This unconditional love is overwhelming and I hope they stay with me. Thank you guys...


Faith Tata: Black or white?

Mihney : white

Faith Tata: Tall or short

Mihney : Tall

Faith Tata:  Slim or fat

Mihney : Slim

Faith Tata: Dark or fair

Mihney : Dark



NB; Start from the 30Mins mark...


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