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[#LinkUpLive ] : Tzy Panchak is a fine boy and a very cool person ; I call him at night because I HAVE THE RIGHT ... Ewube opens up on LinkUp Live with KamerLink


If you missed the previous edition of #LinkUp on KamerLink then you missed out on a great dose of fun with the Kamer dance hall queen EWUBE. As usual it was an epic live LinkUp between a star and her fans a coordinated by #MicGirl Faith Tata (host). Apart from juice about her music career at the moment, Ewube also spilled juice about her personal life like never before.



Faith Tata : What's your favorite body part?

Ewube : I like my nose (laughs)


Faith Tata : What was that decisive part of your childhood that led you into a music career?

Ewube : Non... I wanted to be a speaker at the united nations not a musician. I thought I would do music privately; record my songs, listen to them at home and that's it. But I did decided to get into it very late, i.e. at the age of 18. Then when I was about to graduate I was really getting in the mood of a music career so I decided to go pro after graduation.


Faith Tata : How long have you been doing music professionally?

Ewube : I've been in the game for 5 years now.


Faith Tata : Who has been the most supportive persons so far?

Ewube : My manager Didi Blaise and my bestie Melanie who is always there to encourage me to keep pushing on.


Faith Tata : How you ever felt like giving up on music?

Ewube : I think this happens to everybody especially considering the fact that the music industry in Cameroon is not where we want it to be. At every stage of success or improvement, here is a new worry; 'am I doing the right thing?  will the fans love it? etc and with this you keep pushing yourself.

At this stage I want to be able to control my career, I want to be defined at my pace not wanting to be relevant according to another person's definition. I want to be defined at my pace, go the direction I want at my pace with no influence from anyone. Sort of like redefining myself as per my career.


Faith Tata : Are you certain that at this point you are trying to redefine your career and direction you will still be able to please your fans?

Ewube : It's not redefining, it's more like polishing. You kick off a career with passion and at a certain level you would wanna be able to use that passion to impact a certain way of thinking. So my fans should be very open minded because I love to be called an artiste in the full sense of it, like a creative person because we are going to be upgrading, trying new products and changing things a little bit every time to keep it interesting. I'm not saying I'm going to go all off, I'm saying I'm going to leave my stamp no matter the genre.


Faith Tata : Do you remember the first time you performed?

Ewube : I do and I was so nervous. It was at Amphi 250 University of Buea. I was so scared I would fall off my heels but then it did eventually pass and I got use to it progressively.


Faith Tata : How do you handle mistakes during stage performances?

Ewube : I just go on like it didn't happen (laughs)


Faith Tata : Do you pray before you get on stage?

Ewube : Definitely; before getting on stage I'm always like "Lord may it be powerful, I need energy, I need to do everything right and to be creative on stage" because you can't remember everything provided we don't rehearse much before performances; I'm sorry to say that but it's the truth. Cameroonian artiste don't really rehearse much before getting on stage.


Faith Tata : What's the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

Ewube : Probably I was on my period and I was thinking I was gonna wet my dress (laughs) but no major thing yet.


Faith Tata : You know you are a very fine girl, when are you planning to get married?

Ewube : Immediately I find the guy I'll let you guys know. I will post it (laughs).


Tengu solange(viewer) : Apart from prayers to calm your nerves, do you take alcohol when you go on stage?

Ewube : No I don't take alcohol. I did not want to train myself like that. The moment you get on stage, there is a few moments of nervousness but then it goes away so there is no need for alcohol.


Faith Tata : I saw this very nice picture of you and Tzy Panchak tell us about it.

Ewube : Well Tzy is a fine boy, a very cool person, my very good friend and I can call him in the night because I have the right but.... he is not my boyfriend (laughs).



Rene Immortal Matik(viewer) : Ewube how do you make money with music?

Ewube : When you hear that I have a show, you get a ticket and attend the show. That's how I make money. Most Cameroonians make money from shows principally.


Richard Atem-Ojong(Viewer) : Ewube you seem so natural. Apart from music what do you do?

Ewube : I love to cook, I write business plans, I love to read and I follow up other projects I'm passionate about and I'd like to get into a humanitarian work but that will be after I've built what I want to build.


Richard Atem(viewer) :  I never know when you have shows, otherwise I'll buy tickets for everybody.

Ewube : Oh thank you very much. In November I have a show coming up and it's gonna be a whole new level. I want to change the phase of live performance in Cameroon so I'm calling on y'all to be there.


Faith Tata : What's your working relationship with the other female artistes?

Ewube : I only met Tilla once, we talked about working together, Askia same, Daphne same, Mel B yeah we've worked together. You know it's difficult to get girls to work together but I'm hoping I'll break that rule and get on a project with other female artistes soon.


Handez Tiku (viewer) : What has the entertainment industry done to solve the problem in the Anglophone regions?

Ewube : We've sang songs which you people don't promote. I think that you guys are the ones we depend on for our songs to be heard. We have a song for peace by myself, Blaise B, Lesline and Malgic There are other peace songs that speak for peace and justice. We've done what we do best and now it's your place to share it with your people to ensure the message goes round.




Rene Immortal Matik(viewer) : Have you ever been paid royalties for your music?

Ewube : We've not had such strong distribution yet and so for royalties I've not had that yet.


Faith Tata : Since you are not dating Tzy, tell the world what your ideal man is?

Ewube : I'm drawn to people intellectually and spiritually so it has to do with your energy, with your mind and of course you have to be fine.


Faith Tata : How would you describe the music scene in Cameroon?

Ewube : It's progressing because when I started 5 years ago it was not this way. People are ready to pay artistes for shows and we get a lot more respect. Well I think we also need to work on our creativity and trust ourselves creatively so as to be able to create our own diversity out there.


Faith Tata : Are you pleased with the music?

Ewube : Yeah I think it's okay and I listen to a lot of creative artistes like Pascal who are really hitting the creative mark.


Tengu Solange(viewer) : What do you think about Kids in the industry like Otang

Ewube : I think those kids are very young and whoever is grooming them needs to understand that they have to grow so that they don't skip a stage in life. They need to go to school, learn, go through life etc


Handez Tiku(viewer) : Who is your favorite artiste in the industry and why?

Ewube : There is this new girl by the name Amatula. Right now she is my favorite apart from myself(laughs). Her music is different and creative you should listen to her.


Fon Felix(viewer) : Do you sometimes feel like you are underrated and you don't get enough love?

Ewube : I do not feel that way. I think there is still too much that is in my package that people haven't known about. You reciprocate love from what you get so they have not yet gotten 1/1Million of what I have to give. The time will come when I will not feel like I have to compete and that way I can control my audience and my career.


Faith Tata : From the way you talk I have the impression you have everything about your career figured out.

Ewube : Yeh yeh right now I have laid the foundation and I am out here just doing the final touches. I know exactly what I want in my career and the direction I wanna take.


Faith Tata : What should we be expecting from Ewube in the next 5months?

Ewube : My album is done. I want it to come out in a particular way because my motto is "Let's be great or lets be nothing at all". I'd rather not do it than for it to come out as an average. I'm just waiting for the right vibe so you guys should prepare yourselves (mobile money, visa cards etc). Get ready to buy.


Faith Tata : 5 years in the game it means you know something that a starter wouldn't know. Looking at your story, what word would you give the younger ones?

Ewube : No matter what level you find yourself in your career do not forget you are a human being made by God with a particular purpose. That is a mistake most people make. Remember there is a core person in you and you have to live your life and fulfill your purpose. Be careful of the choices you make despite what people say. Change your environment and don't let it change you. Remember who you are and if you haven't found yourself yet, you will along the line so stay in tune to your inside. Now you have me preaching (laughs)

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