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[#LinkUpLive ] : I'm in love with a special person, the most beautiful woman in the world. She is so sexy. Awu reveals on #LinkUpLive


#LinkUpLive is a facebook live concept by KamerLink aimed at bringing connecting fans and their stars at a higher level. On Sunday September 30th, AWU SING SONG aka Mr Sidomina had over 45 minutes on the show hosted by Faith Tata. These were 45 minutes of intense fun, interaction and insightful discussions. Awu finally spoke out on the issues with his former label Plaza Music, his career journey/goals and most interestingly his love life.




Faith Tata :- Who brought you to music?

AWU :- Bob Marley did. He brought me into the music world but if we are talking about who inspired me then its Kotto Bass, I grabbed my musical inspiration from him


Faith Tata :- Back when Brazil organised the world cup in 2014, were you disappointed your song wasn't chosen...

AWU :- "If I can can" was a great song and still is a great song. I think at the time it wasn't given the attention it deserved. But I am still waiting for my time, I am growing.


Faith Tata :- Speaking of growth, on a scale of 1 to 10 where do you stand...

AWU :- I think my music is at 4. Let me explain; When it comes to artistic growth, I think I'm at 9 but when it comes to business and the industry(money making side),I think I'm at 4.


Faith Tata :- So is Awu in love with someone?

AWU :- I'm in love with a special person, the most beautiful woman in the world. She is so sexy


Faith Tata :- What happened with Plaza music?

AWU :- I'm no longer with Plaza music, I didn't sign! I work with people who work my direction and with time things change and people come and go. I've recorded songs with Philbill, DiJay Cliff(Lanjo), Sangtung, DJ Karl and many others. It's all a process and on the way other people come. I did great with Plaza music and its all peace and love with them. Right now I'm heading for the green light #progress. You mustn't always leave a label because of a fight, we didn't get into any confrontation and so we good.
Watch full live session below;



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  • Guest : Ewube

  • Host : Faith Tata

  • Time : 16h00

  • Date : Sunday, October 7th 2018

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