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This release was announced a while ago when Congolese artist, Elie Solo dropped two videos; “BGC Melody”, a generic Ndombolo-Soukouss anthem and “Ewawa”, an Afro Rumba ballad.

Elie Solo is a Congolese Afro Rumba and Soukous singer, songwriter and guitar player. Born Kayombo Faustin Elie (January 1, 1992) in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa with origins from the  Province of Bandundu, he is the third out of a family of five. Attended École Primaire Complescolaire, Lomboto, École Secondaire Complescolaire, Mpumbu and later Université INA.



Elie Solo started off his musical journey in 2002 as a choir leader at the famous Fepaco church in Nzambe Malamu, Kinshasa. His mastery of the guitar solo gave him the opportunity to accompany, either on stage or in the studio, renowned Congolese artists of the likes of Werrason, Ferre Gola, Didier Lacoste, Celeo Scram, Deplick Pomba, Innos B, Maman Abethy Esther and many others.


Also addressed by fans as “Ange de Lumière” (Angel of Light) and “Le chat Rouge” (literally translated as The Red Cat), Elie Solo has a début independent album (Likimbi) and a total of 19 released songs to his credit and now a 2nd album “C’est mon tour”.  Married to his guitar, Elie Solo is a supporter of Barcelona FC.


BGC Melody is one of very few record labels operating in Cameroon since the years when Ekambi Brilliant first introduced Angelique Kidjo, to produce an artist based outside of Cameroon. It is the first known record label operating anywhere in Africa to launch two official videos worldwide, featuring the same artist on the same day.

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