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Nude is the new modeling in Cameroon!. Mind you there is nothing wrong with nude modeling .We all own the rights as to how we handle our bodies. Nude modeling is one of the most expensive forms of modeling because of course it is nude in our local parlance ‘’empty lass".  Come on takes a lot of guts and one should be paid millions for it.

Ok let’s skip to the chase and ask ourselves fundamental questions; are we going nude for the money? Nude for the popularity? Or nude for the love for the love of  profession: Modeling is growing in Cameroon but let’s face the truth, we can handpick the number of successful models in Cameroon, meaning more work has to be done what more for the new field (nude) that so many, permit Kamerlink say are blindly scrambling.



Kamerlink had the opportunity to talk with the owner of a modeling agency whose identity we would like to withhold and our interviewee shared a couple of tips with us.

As a nude model you should consider making sure your work stays as Artistic as possible and should carry the standard messages you want to pass across to your audience or make them learn. This ensures that your audience communicates with you beyond the sexuality of a naked woman or man. Nudity directly translates as a call for sex or you selling your body once we don’t have strong messages accompanying them. So maybe you need to keep your clothes on for a lot longer.



In as much as nudity sells one should not forget that going all out can be very risky for your reputation and the youngsters looking up to you because mind you there will always be an audience and look around you even the most popular nude models haven’t gone all out. Plus, how sellable is your nudity? How many hundreds of thousands will you be paid in Cameroon for taking off your clothes and that is if you are paid at all. Worst still when your career is still in its baby days.

It is needless pretending that the negative reactions don’t get to you, especially considering that you are a starter and a large portion of society is yet to look at nudes without frowning.



Bottom line is whether you want love or not, at least you want a growth in career and people who see beyond your boobs, butt, six packs or healthy manhood. Modeling is good in all is genres, it is art and art is beautiful but let’s run a quick reality check given our Cameroonian context. How supportive are our modeling agencies and organizations of this form of art, how long will it take them to completely embrace it, do you have the shock absorber for negative comments, how professional is your art and what exactly is your vision, if you can answer all these with a straight face then you are good to go. It is ok to dream big but every dream takes time, find your professional niche and grow in it, Train yourself on what it takes to be a model. The desperation to grow and be on the spotlight has been the undoing millions.

And oh! One last thing hopefully you won’t stop your kid from becoming a nude model if they aspire to!



Model credits

  1. Nina Mbunwe

  2. Ingrid Bassama


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