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[SPANKING NEW] : ALE MYZ - MY STORY (Official video)


My Story’ is an inspirational song, composed and performed by award winning Artiste, Ale Myz and produced by Tam Gaëlo, producer and artist under The Gaëlo Outcome®. This song is inspired by a true-life story.

Today, judging people without knowing their story is the norm - we choose to look at the surface and ignore what is underneath. We do not take the time to find out why people act the way the act and judge them based on what we hear and see. ‘My Story’ tells the story of a lady who had a lot of resentment towards men, so she very often rejected any approaches from men. In her neighborhood, some even labeled her a lesbian, and belonging to a cult. Little did they know that this lady’s hatred towards men stems from the fact that she was rapped by her uncle when she was a teenager.



People who have been molested before, in one way or another, could feel locked up in some sort of chains and find it difficult to get out because these bad experiences keep playing out in their minds.

Ale Myz speaks up for them and gives them hope that one day, they will finally be able to get rid of the hurt and resentment which they harbor in their hearts. She urges us to not be judgmental because we don't know exactly what people are going through. If you’re concerned about someone’s behavior or actions, take the time to find out why they act the way they act. Do not listen to hearsay- find out for yourself.

‘My Story’ features Cameroon media personalities like Lenora Tee and Crystal Bih of the Crystal Beauty Show.




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