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Tzy Panchak Drops Words Of Tears Following The Death Of A Fellow Artist Unstoppable Tzey


As it's been the case almost every single day in the English Speaking Regions of Cameroon, Monday 30th July came along with its own dose of action, gunshots and bloodshed. This time around an entertainer got hit in the name of Unstoppable Tzey. According to the streets, Tzey was out chilling with friends in his neighborhood when Rapid Intervention Soldiers (BIR) barged in and fired at them. They were six in number; three of whom died on the spot and three are currently responding to treatment.


From the name Tzey, fans thought it was Tzy Panchak but well, it wasn't him. Tzy Panchak has so far been noted as that one Cameroonian artist who always voices out his views through music or any other suitable medium. This time around he took to facebook to drop his words of tears and it reads;


"This days you talk you die ,you no talk you die
Either you get shot or you die of poverty
It’s clear they don’t care about the people
They wanna prove a point
They brag about controlling people with guns
They brag about controlling people with phones
They make decisions that gets people killed and don’t even care to know how and where they were buried
They make decisions that gets people homeless and they don’t care to know how they survive
The police now shoot at people like Animals
This same people they swore to protect
War has never solved any problem
Dialogue has
My heart goes out to everyone going through a tough time because of this Crisis
My heart goes out to the real Hero’s
RIP Young star Unstopable Tzey
It’s sad your dreams got cut short
Rest well we di came for back
Sometime when all we die that time they go dialogue



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