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[SPANKING NEW] : Bah’Ndong’s drops a freestyle titled Freedomination


In his second shot at delivering a Cameroonian hip-hop classic this year, Bah’Ndong didn't so much as disappoint, but overcompensate. This trait isn't unique to him.

What's the value of 10 minutes? You'd probably get 10 different answers from 10 people. For the formidable Cameroonian rapper Bah’ndong, it could be a classic.

That's if he'd shaved those minutes off his forthcoming album Rebelations 2:1. With his latest drop which happens to be a freestyle, he intends to thrill fans by providing an impressive album that's pretty good. Though Bah’ndong has transitioned into Afropop and Afrobeat he still remains a true Hiphop disciple. We may term him “a coat of many colours”

In Freedomination, the MC suavely glides over his beats. Enjoy this freestyle while anticipating the album.



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