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[ARTISTE PROFILE] : Meet Bibia The New Diva on the 237 Block!


BiBia is ready to make a bold statement on the entertainment scene

When you give her praises about her voice or her music, she always gives back a very soft “thank you”,with a shy look on her face. And although a broad smile follows with her head tilted down, when asked why, she says, “many people don’t know that I would have done anything responsible, to be an actress”;a surprising detail from a well-rounded, gifted, talented, and very versatile artist.Her name is Christelle Ngwe, professionally known and referred to as BiBia. Claiming roots from Bamileke and Bamenda tribes, BiBia couldn’t have entered the African music scene at the right time; and her debut album “Thank You”, couldn’t have come at a better time. Recently signed to Fascino Entertainment, BiBia has managed to position herself as an artist to help remind the world of the versatility that Cameroonian artist can bring tomusic table. Although she attributes her influences on Korean Pop, Nigerian style afro beats, Zouk,Dance hall, American Pop and R&B music, she says she sees her music as liberation from traditional Cameroonian “makossa style” music, in order to draw a genuine international attention to Cameroonian musical talent.

Born and raised in the city of Douala, Cameroon, she takes advantage of her ability to speak fluent French and English, and reflects this advantage in her lyrics, as she says it’s almost impossible to express herself in just one of the languages. And with the city of Douala almost melting pot with different cultures and lifestyles, the artist says drawing inspiration to her music comes easy. A mere taxi ride, or just a stroll through her neighborhood in Bonaberi, fills her up with inspiration. However, her songs she says, is something that she wants people to be empowered from. With lyrics from songs like “Mama”(her first released single off the album), or “Pour Toujours”, or “Shey’ baPikin”, the singer says she looks for ways to use her music to advice youths of the dangers of street influence or peer pressures.


Her songs on her 2018 debut album “Thank You” are fueled by her rich tenor vocals and harmonies,and afro beats instrumentation, fused with jazz and pop colorful under tones, and an understated lyricalcomposition.

At an early age of 9, BiBia wrote her first lyrics, a song that she still has as of today andplans to professionally record those same lyrics. “I don’t see anything immature in them, even as I readthrough them today”, she says. But at 23 years old, BiBia believes she’s not scratched the surface of hertalents, and actually shy away from any praises relating to her talent in order to maintain the focus thatshe thinks will keep her fresh with musical material. She’s a newcomer with a very loud introduction.

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