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VAS2Nets, digital entertainment and streaming platform hits Cameroon in close collaboration wih Group Eyango Business Sarl

On May 24, 2018, VAS2Nets Cameroon with head office in Nigeria and Group Eyango Business sarl. (G.E.B.S), signed an exclusive agreement to make available exciting entertainment.

VAS2Nets’ LODIOS is the digital entertainment and streaming platform set up to provide content ranging from music videos, comedy to latest movies.

LODIOS is already avalaible in Nigeria and Ghana and now connected to Orange Cameroon. MTN coming soon!

Lodios is a one-stop shop for anything entertainment on the go once you subscribe.

For content owners, you can monitor the progress of your downloads online.

Mr Ndedi Eyango, CEO Eyango Group, said, "We are very honoured by this partnership and we invite artists, actors, comedians, producers and publishers to take advantage of this platform. This is an opportunity not only to make money, but to also get visibility in other African countries.
 Please contact us at

  • groupeyango@gmail.com

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