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BT Media Finally Provides A Solutions To One Of The Most Pertinent Problems Plaguing The Entertainment Industry In Cameroon


When we talk of the entertainment industry, we are referring to the musicians, movie makers, event organizers, fashion designers/models, comedians etc. For years Cameroonians have cried for quality entertainment content (Music, movies, events, documentaries etc). That cry seems to have been heard but the quality content came along with another major problem; Platforms to promote this content selflessly.

Keeping aside online platforms, Cameroonian entertainment video content creators have been on a constant battle with Tv Channels and fans. While fans are begging to be served more Cameroonian content, Tv Channels around the country have been busy fancying foreign content over local content.

Over the past few months there has been a set of channels making the difference (MMusic & MMovies). Eyebrows were raised but no one really figured out who was behind the good work.

Thursday 21st June 2018, BT Media speaks out during a hangout with Cameroonian bloggers in Douala. A hangout chaired by the managing director of BT Media Alenne Menget, the bloggers were given inside information about BT Media's objectives, operating policies, current and future projects, some of which I am about to share with you.



BT Media Channels

BT Media currently runs 4 channels;

My Movies (MMovies) : This channel's major focus is Cameroonian movies in English. The channel has as a major target to broadcast at least 75% Cameroonian movies. At the moment, if the channel runs at this pace, all existing Cameroonian movies in English would not sustain the channel for up to a year so Cameroonian movie makers are called upon to get to work. To encourage this, BT Media is ready to partner with movie makers with good stories technically and financially to produce quality movies.


My Music (MMusic) : This channel aims at promoting Cameroonian music with the target being 75% Cameroonian content. This channel is currently meeting its target and artistes are called upon to submit HD videos.

Real Black Tv1 (rb tv1) : This channel aims at showing successful black stories, music, documentaries etc

Real Black Tv2 (rb tv2) : Exclusively for international movies with black tonation.


BT Media channels in the pipeline;

Within the next few months BT Media will be serving the Cameroonian public with the following channels;

My Entertainment English : This channel will be show entertainment content in English like; Tv Shows, Event highlights, Red Carpet moments, behind the scenes of music video and movie shoots etc. The channel's main goal is to celebrate Cameroonian entertainment stakeholders.

My Entertainment French : This channel will be a replica of My Entertainment English but for content in the French language. The channel will also include Cameroonian movies in French till Cameroonians can produce enough movies in French to host a French movie channel exclusively for movies.

My Movies French (MMovies Fr) : The only reason why this channel isn't already running is because movies in French is lagging behind in terms of quality and quantity. As soon as there is enough quality movies in French, the channel will be up and running.

Gospel : Exclusively for gospel content from music to movies to tv shows etc. This channel is non denominational.

NB: BT Media works in collaboration with Swecom (cable network providers) with all channels transmitted through fibre optics, hence quality is assured. You can get a BT Media decoder for your home for the best quality images.


Who would ask for more ???


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