[Profile]: Mary Benz To Launch Her Own Production Company Freme Filmz: 3 Wives TV Series is her first Official Project



You may have seen the trailer for FREME Film’s trailer of the highly anticipated upcoming TV Drama Series titled – THREE WIVES – without realizing that MARYBENZthe ENIGMA lead actress is responsible for its creation. Watch the trailer below;




The Iconic Chinese Revolutionary Leader Mao Tse Tong, the erstwhile Father of Modern China famously said, that,” a journey for a thousand miles, begins with a first step.” This is an apt reflection of, and an adequate synopsis of the “story” called MARYBENZ. This courageously brave, beautiful and sensational young lady began her successful primary, secondary and higher education after which she gained admission into the University of Buea to study English as major and did minor in theatre acts. Haven had the ambition of going into movie production, encouraged first by her being involved in school drama projects from her primary school days, and her knack for scriptwriting as early as her secondary school period, this passion became galvanized during her University days when she began serious writing as a hobby.




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