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O2udor also known as Cameroon’s finest is a US Based Cameroon Afro Hip-Hop Artiste who spent most of his childhood in the city of Bamenda were his musical career kicked started. His urge and passion to do music skyrocketed back in his secondary school days as his classmates in the dormitory drummed using the trunks while he was rapping. From that stage of an artiste’s career were the do covers, O2udor moved steps ahead to writing his own lyrics you hear him singing today.
He gained acknowledgement while in the University of Buea, the Southwest Region of Cameroonwhich happens to be the hub of Cameroonian entertainment. Here, O2udor collaborated with a good number of talented artistes such as Fluri Boyz, BJ Zama, Mel B Akwen and Askia.

After releasing a couple of successful singles including his critically acclaimed tracks titled Okadaand Fo Ma Katier, Cameroon’s Finest pays homage to the average African worker and later celebrates his roots as a boy.
Since then, he has decided to prove versatility by exploring other music genres. In his new style, we listen to tracks like Best Friend. This song describes the various conflicts that pop up in his relationship.




O2udor is a Cameroonian treasure we need to keep and pamper. He is someone to watch out for with a bright future in the music scene of Afro Hip-Hop. His just released EP Incarnation of Love is available on major platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and YouTube

For your listening pleasure, stream, listen and enjoy his EP in the link below. Don’t forget to drop your thoughts.



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