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[SPANKING NEW] : Dolly Pearl - CADO ft. Daddy Black ( Official Video )


'Niched' within the melodies galore of ‘’Cado” are simple yet unique sensations that blight every reason to not fall for its allure. It is a new song, susceptible for oiling the cogs of our entertainment machinery. Written and performed by Dolly Pearl and Daddy Black, this Moulah production gives a succinct résumé of a romance situation. The title in itself glimpses the content which is all about the gift of love and life. After this release, a new bud develops and the story of our industry experiences a vital plot development.


Call it a double return or a reminder of their prominence, Dolly Pearl & Daddy Black have definitely hit the mark with this glittery video directed by Yonka. Enjoy this piece and make sure to subscribe to the channel.



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