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Gee Reign's Death Dilemma - Reason Behind His Death


The Cameroonian music industry is in grief. A multitalented young producer/artiste Gee Reign sees the white light rather too soon. Gee happens to be one of the most prominent producers based in Bamenda and his passing away lives most artistes in Bamenda dom founded. He produced artistes of the likes of Nanova, El Presido etc.


Nanova Ft Gee Reig  -  Dedicated (Video)



Gee Reign died in active service(in the studio) on Tuesday, 17th April in Bamenda. Trust Cameroonians to spread such news on social media. "Gee Reign", a name which was almost nowhere to be found on social media suddenly became the most popular name with his friends and lovers expressing their grieve to the point where even those who knew nothing about Gee just had to join the show.

While some busy making Gee Reign trend, some are busy wondering; "Why Wait For When He Is No More To Make Him Trend?". Imagine Gee Reign released a new song; WOULD HE TREND AS MUCH?.

Meanwhile another section of the mourners are busy killing themselves over the cause Gee's death with one side claiming he consumed drugs (weed, tremadol etc) and another side in total refute of that allegation. Cameroonians really do have a weird way of grieving. We have the habit of quickly pointing accusing fingers without getting our facts straight. How many artistes consume drugs? How many of them have died because of drugs? If at all Gee Reign consumed drugs of any kind, were his drugs/dose any different from those of a regular drug consuming artsite? Why would he be the only one to lose his life to drugs?  According to a reliable source, here is the cause of  Gee's death;



Some years back, Gee Reign had an accident which took him to coma for over one week. He made it out alive and has been as stable as a man can be. Then came a seizure on stage during his performance at the 237 industry night 2016 in Buea. He was rushed to the hospital and the medical specialist revealed the seizure was as an after effect of the accident he had in the past and there were high probabilities it could happen once in a while. To be on the safe side, Gee Reign had to be administered a certain medication periodically and for security reasons, there always had to be someone around him just in case.

This wasn't  the case on Tuesday 17th. Poor Gee Reign was all alone in his studio when it happened.






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