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"The Baby Bump Isn't The End Of My Music Career" - Briana Lesley Makes A Bold Statement With Her Second Single #MaVie


Her name has been on the lips of her lovers and haters lately because of the controversial story behind her baby bump. At a point when many thought she'll break down emotionally, here comes Briana Lesley stepping up to the game with her second single "Ma Vie". A deep but dance able love song produced by the prominent young producer MrMccoy accompanied by a creative lyrics video by Bine Moukouri Studios.

Her debut single "Falling" paved her way into stardom and has been crowned with a baby bump. Ma Vie comes as a bold statement from Briana Lesley to her fans that the baby bump isn't the end of her career. Enjoy this master piece and anticipate more "After birth Music" (winks).



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