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[SPANKING NEW] : XMaleya Drops #FIANGA Video Alongside Their Highly Anticipated #CARDIO Album (Download Now)


Deal day for the most anticipated album release but first, we are excited to share with you X-Maleya's latest showstopper #FIANGA from their new album #CARDIO. Popping with radiant African print, the legendary group unapologetically rock ever shade of it.

They have proven for over a decade now to be the leaders of the 237 music scene and are nowhere close to the end of their game as they always deliver the best.

#FIANGA music video brought together the very best in their respective fields of expertise; Divine Polyvalent as Stylist, Dr Nkeng Stephens the Video Director, the Kamer Great Dancers and the Cliq Empire for Management.

#FIANGA official video now available on Youtube



Looking forward to grabbing your own copy of #cardio?

Available on Deezer  - Download Now !

Availavle on itunes -  Download Now !

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