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[INTERVIEW] : Blackbaby Ent. Boss Speaks Out :- "we are a brand and a movement that empowers black people around the world"


The growth rate of the entertainment industry in Cameroon is alarming. Every sector is booming and entertainers are becoming more popular in their respective fields. Much glory and recognition is given to the entertainers in the forefront, forgetting the key actors in the background fueling these entertainers with the resources they need. KamerLink decided to dig into the story of one of Cameroon's fast rising labels BlackBaby Ent, discover the brain behind it (Ichanjweng Amandong Awanga), how it came about and how he manages to keep the fast rising empire together...





Who is Ichanjweng Amandong Awanga?

Well, I am Ichanjweng Amandong Awanga but you can call me DA OSHIE KING. I am  a unique young  ambitious and inspiring with a rich positive mind willing to achieve great things in life. I am a people person, very open minded and  also willing to learn new things as I grow in the industry. Even though I am autistic and I have PDD-NOS and ADHD, it didn’t stop me from taking the Entrepreneur route. I was born in Cameroon, Yaoundé, July 6 1992. I was raised all my life in Yaoundé but my origin is in Bamenda, Oshie. I have a beautiful 8-year-old daughter born on December 27th. Her name is AISHA OMAH AWANGA but I like to call her OMAH. I went to school at NYIT-VIP which stands New YorkInstitute of Technology a Vocational independence Program. I studied Hospitality tourism and management with Advertising later on moved to Florida Miami to study music production at Miami Dade College. I just have one younger sibling and that is my brother Itambi Awanga.


What prompted you to get into the entertainment business and what what your drive?

Well,first of all you will need to know that I come from a musical background. my cousin, Christian and some few other friends like Jah White, Atem and Big Defhelped me build up my talent and showed me the ropes of the industry. When I was in Middle school, during recreation, my friends and I use to do rap and dance battles. It didn’t just stop there we took it right to other schools. It was a fun experience.  When I had my daughter at a really young age,I got serious with the music and I started doing professional recordings. I joined a music group from SOA called the P.I.C which meant PIMPS IN CONTROL later on it change to D empire. I did demo album called “no pain no gain” which now needs to be redone. After that experience of recording I decided to take up next top notch to start up my own record label that year. But there was so much up and downs making through but ended making it certified in 2016. When I sighed NANOVA before that, I had a group called GUURD VS TITANZ but it didn’t work out so when Nanova came in the picture things got better and I recently just signed a new artist Anyene. I decided to take a back seat for now once my artists get to where I need them to be I shall start pushing again my own music career. Black Baby Entertainment is more that just a label we are a movement and we desire people to be young be rich and be ambitious and to be rich is to the state of mind and not physical money.



What is the vision behind Black Baby Ent?

Besides the fact Black Baby’s Global Eye Limited is a company, it has different branches within it. So Black Baby Ent. Is not just a label but a brand and a lifestyle. The idea of Black Baby’s Global Eye Limited / Black Baby Entertainment came to an existence through the thought of my daughter that why when you look at the logo it is a baby girl. And it also has a strong meaning it. every little baby girl is a prosperous journey for new life to be born. The vision here is to brand out the name BLACKBABY for example we could have restaurants and snack bars that carries the name BLACKBABY . this thought are still to come in the nearest future.

When did it start:

We actually started in 2013 but it became official in 2016. It took some time because I had to  legalize some few documents and make sure every thing it is on the right path.


As a label owner how do you maintain a good working relationship with your artist?

I wont say much on that but one thing is for I make sure  every one that signed under me should have the very best treatment in an out of  their business environment. I make sure I give them the opportunity to explore who they are and get the very best. I am very flexible with them as long as they follow the working terms provided for them.



What of artist does blackbaby ent. sign?

We as able are focus on Hip hop artists  but we do give room for other genres of music to get as for the moment we have a female rapper and a female dance hall artist. We are trying to develop this to it full potiential and we are thinking getting in to rock ,screamo , JAZZ HIP HOP and heavy metal.

So we are pretty much  open about it.


There is tendency for labels to impose on their artist (i.e the kind of songs they release, public appeareance etc) what is your take on that?

I believe that every artist is very unique and they have their own style. We do not impose on any of our artist to be any way that will make them not real to their art. However they wont just be allow to do any thing that will public destroy the image of the label. With time we shall have song writers come in but I would really love all my artist to speak on the reality they are facing because every body concept on how they see life is different so I give them that opportunity to excise that freedom. even though they may do as they wish they will be times when we as the team shall put them on a specific assignment or project that needs to be done in a particular away.


Given the current music scene in the country , where do you see bbe in the next 5 years?

We as Black Baby Entertainment see ourselves getting in to different kinds of businesses and differentactivities like I said before we are more of a brand and a movement that empowers black people around the world. Music at the moment is just the moving tool that will drive the train to it final destination.  We be looking in to open our own foundation and facilities for children with learning differences.  In God grace many more things shall come along.

Currently as we speak we trying to finish up building our own studio and we are at the grown works building up at TV station for BLACKBABY GLOBAL EYE LIMTED / BLACKBABY ENTERTAINMENT. More info shall be given to the public as time comes by.


Which specific artistes have you worked with and what are their most successful project so far?

I have reach out to some established artistes out there, things didn’t work as plan due to schedule.  To be honest we as a label we are more focus more on working with unknown upcoming artists. I think that where it is more exciting watching people being push-up to succeed and have the very best material out there. With establish artists we already know what to expect from them so it not as fun. We are in to build the unknown. However, we have have done a track with some that has a good strong fan base GEE REIGN and the song was called dedication you can check it up via YouTube.  I be that GEE REGIN current music was “BLUEPRINT HAKEEM FT GEE REIGN DO YOU REMEMBER ( PROD BY GEE REIGN).



What are your major challenges so far as far as your label is concerned? well I believe that all record labels have their little issues they go through which mine is not excluded but it is workable and fixable. What I really face is the ability to work from aboard and coordinate every thing that is happening in Cameroon it is not easy when you are not there. When trying to complete building the studio. Well at this point that I am returning back to Cameroon I think things will more a lot quicker and more efficient.


what message do you have for the public and for young artistes who dream of a record deal with BBE?

What I will say to them is they should keep on working hard because we have an eye on them when the time is right, they might be the chosen one. As for public they should stay in tune with us because new Black Baby vibes are coming up and they should always think of staying young rich and ambitious. for rich is the state of mind and not physical cash. 


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