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Discover ALIMA LAMI, A Cameroonian Commercial Model With The Perfect Brand Face


Ali Lami Viviane aka Alima Lami is a young talented Cameroonian Model with a face and confidence that can sell any product imaginable. Having lived and studied in both French speaking and English speaking regions of the country, Alima can boldly be referred to as perfectly bilingual, a quality most Cameroonians yearn for. With a strong believe that education is the key to success in any career path, Alima has persistently pursued her education and can so far boast of a licence/degree in Law and Political science (from the University of Dschang), a Matrice(Masters 1) in Law and International Trade & Investment in Africa(University of Dschang), and is currently enrolled into a Master's 2 program in Professional Humanitarian Law (University of Dschang).



While building her educational portfolio, Alima never let go of her passion which saw her as the first runner up for Maggi Star Contest 2015 in Bafoussam. Her unique/sellable beauty, inborn talent and passion for what she does make her the ideal commercial model for brands and products. Are you looking for a perfectly created, dynamic, talented and educated face for your brand/product? Look no further.




  • Email : kamerlinkmag@gmail.com

  • Tel : 00237 677192964

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