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Cameroon Entertainment Awards Polemic


Cameroons diversity is greatly reflected in its entertainment industry. Over the last couple of years entertainment has witnessed some really good days. Its left Cameroons borders and made other nations awestruck. The new school artistes like Tenor, Stanley Enow, Daphne Njie, Magasco, Locko are a few amongst so many others who have built a reputation for Cameroons music and have been honoured by several bodies for their good work.

However, Cameroon is yet to boast of an internationally recognized award organization that blends the likes of old school and new school smoothly. Awards are organized year in year out but at the end of which most nominees cry foul and end up insulting event organizers as was the case with the Cameroon fashion awards of Fredash Entertainment and the Urban Jamz awards of Valery Atia as well as the Red Feather awards.



Social media has gone berserk because of the apparent short comings of some of these award shows. Its either the awards are biased and are driven by personal idiosyncrasies or the award organizers are seeking for popularity or worse still they are trying to give a show to their sponsors who must have poured in huge sums of money not leaving out the fact that some persons think these organizers and their team members are not well informed about the various talents they want to spotlight. This has greatly hindered the ability to attract eyes from the outside world to what Cameroon entertainment can offer. Yes, Balafon Awards, Canal D’or, Urban Jamz, Cameroon Fashion Awards are contributing their own quota to recognize our own and have noticeably recorded great strides, but our award game will keep crawling, it will remain a grown baby who has refused to stand up on its feet if we do not rally or ideas and make something big for Cameroon. It's time for us to wakeup and smell the coffee!

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