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[BRAND NEW] : Alain Special – Pourquoi C’est Toujours Toi? Ft Nicole Mara


Nowadays we have completely neglected our root music genre which is Makossa and more focused on Afropop. There are still in few Cameroonian artists that still hold strong passion to sing Makossa which still holds its position as Cameroon’s first genre of Music. Dubai based Cameroonian musician Alain Speciall is about to release his 2018 Debut single titled – Pourquoi C’est Toujours Toi? Much to the excitement of his fans. Alain Speciall features Makossa Vet Nicole Mara in this song.

With his origin from Bangwa tribe in the South West Region Alain Speciall over through his musical career has developed his unique style as the result of a lifetime of musical influence. The Singer who is fluent in English, French, Pidgin and Ngweh incorporates these languages in his music and pass messages to his fans.

Having started music since 2003, Alain Speciall released his first album titled – Message From Essoh Attah – and ever since has recorded and release many songs including musical videos which can be found on YouTube.

He has showcased his talent in live shows both in Cameroon and abroad and has shared stage alongside international musicians like Dj Jacob, Teeya of Ivory Coast etc.

After years of honing his unique sound over recent years, he is now preparing to release his 2018 debut single, - Pourquoi C’est Toujours Toi? , A love song which underlies conflicts couples experienced. With a combination of exciting guitar playing and mellow vocals from Nicole Mara. The song is produced byCheg Music and visuals by Dante Fox.





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