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Nami Nami Cyrus's career at empire was a nightmare to him and to his fans as well. With just two releases over two years, the young Cameroonian rapper seemed to have completely lost his vibe. Even after quitting Empire and restoring hope with one comeback studio video titled PEACE, Cyrus went silent again effecting a complete loss of hope in his fans. Just when the world looked down on him as a wasted talent, Cyrus hits when they least expected.

Like the saying goes "The bigger the giant, the bigger the fall"; Nami Nami Cyrus's downfall during and soon after Empire was big one to bear and there were only two possibilities; Either he comes back hard or he stays dead. Well he just made 4 career moves that clearly proves he is a "short boy with tall swag" just like he calls himself. Check out Cyrus's 4 career moves as he revealed during his press conference on Friday 9th February 2018;

  • Firs Move - Create a Record Label : After spending two years at a label like Empire, you can't say he's come back with zero experience. Cyrus has definitely learnt a whole lot about how to run a successful label. Hence he feels its about time he creates his. Is this a good or a bad move? Well Cyrus thinks its the perfect move and he named his label January 1st, implying its the genesis for him.


  • Second Move - Cyrus's January 1st strikes a partnership deal with Adah Akenji's aMusic: We all know Ada is one of Cameroons most spectacular video directors. So January 1st is sure of the best quality videos. Great move isn't it?


  • Third Move - Cyrus's Time Bomb finally goes off. Strong fans of Nami Nami Cyrus would testify for how long Empire Company has kept this time bomb ticking. Its been a very long wait and Cyrus thought it wise to quench the taste of his fans by releasing the song they've been waiting for #TimeBomb, an unfulfilled promise which was like a debt he owed his fans. Check it out below;



  • Forth Move - Get the ball rolling: After putting down a perfect set up and paying your debts, the next move was the most important. Cyrus had to reclaim his place in the hearts of his fans and on the music charts. A top class video was all he needed and once again he delivered with no reservations. When a rapper with such potential decides to spit punchlines of love, be rest assured the love season will be worth it. Cyrus releases a special love song titled Très Belle. Trust Adah Akenji's touch when it comes to visuals.




Fans of Nami Nami Cyrus can finally take a deep breath. Your guy is BACK and this time for GOOD...

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