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DREAMZLINE ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY is thrilled to announce the realease of their frontline act "JULY". with the much anticipated video for the tantalizing "FOR YOUR MIND Remix" ft. BlueBerry City act-"Kikoh" and Kwata Music act-"Mic Monsta" available everywhere on the 26th of February 2018.

"FOUR YOUR MIND Remix" is a musical blend of Afro-Rap and High-life with a sweet musical tonality which dictates cool popping dance moves,

and adds some seasoning to the party flare of the entire song, which possesses the power to draw in  and capture the mind of any listener and give them a wonderful feel of good music.

The "Remix" comes as the first in line of JULY's major collaboration projects, which includes their forecasted collaboration with Mud House Entertainment act - Liinx titled "Mon Bébé" and due to be released in the months ahead.

The remixed as well as the original version of this song was produced by VINCINHO ( The Beat Killer) and both, videos were directed by MOSIMA P SOMTIN.

Its magnificent lyrical content  spiced with doses of humour and a  perfect delivery may sparkle its contention for Best Collabo in Cameroon 2018.

While the awesome visuals filmed and edited by Mosima P Somtin give it a chance for contender of best video.

Dreamzline Entertainment Company which has established itself as a major recognizable label in Cameroon alongside it's main act  JULY, with  slogan "WalaïNaJuly" which  recently went viral, pulled off a major stunt by collaborating with Blueberry City and Kwata Music on this project to give its fine supportive audience a popping tune for refreshing moments.

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