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[SPANKING NEW] : Alpha Better Records Has Contaminated Ambe ; Evident From His New Video Titled MELODY


Red Eye Entertainment foreman AMBE just released a new video for the love season titled MELODY. As least expected by his fans, the promised love song MELODY turns out to be BLUES; something way different from Ambe's traditional Afro Pop genre.

Ambe who would've never been considered as a vocalist before now will definitely be hitting nomination lists in this domain henceforth. One would be tempted to say this is a clear influence from his comrades of Alpha Better Records (Blaise B, Salatiel & Mr Leo) who happen to be three of Kamer's top vocalists of recent times.

Lets see how well Ambe's fans will receive this surprise of his...


AMBE - MELODY (Prod. By Akwandor)



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