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For anyone who follows Cameroonian music, "Meshi" is not a strange name. Nevertheless, "Meshi" would not be the first name that comes to mind when one thinks of music artistes in Cameroon neither would it be the last. All the way from the grass fields, this young lady decided to embark on a journey considered by most Cameroonians as unpromising with no guarantee of success. Wise as she can be, she still holds on to her education which is going a long way to better the quality of her art (as observed from her artistic output).

'Kicking off a career under a well established record label' is the dream of every young artiste. Under this criteria, Meshi definitely would be voted Kamer's luckiest young talent to have signed a record deal with Zion Records at the very start of her music career.
A comfortable record deal doesn't secure a comfortable music career.



Young Cameroonian artistes have the believe that they'll wake up one morning with a million dollar song that'll change their lives for ever. A few have been that lucky but believe it or not, everyone has their path and no two stories are the same. Some make it at first shot, some struggle for years and grow slowly to the top while some struggle but never find a way out of the "rising artiste" category. What's Meshi's career story so far and how will it turn out in the near future ?

The Zion First Lady as she calls herself made her debut in a collabo with her former label mate Charly B titled Woman ya Woman. It was a good song, well received by the public but it wasn't quite "THE SONG". Well at least it gave Meshi a place in the "minds" of fans but what she needed was a place in the "Hearts" of fans.




Then came her first official single titled "Mr Mbere" featuring another former label mate "CTrix". This time around a few fans open their hearts, giving Meshi a place at the corridor. Next came her biggest breakthrough titled "Helep Me" which earned her a comfortable place in the hearts of some fans. Helep Me was a unique song that hit almost every joint in the country and abroad.





With a slow but sure growth, Meshi's moral rose higher and higher but she had to keep going, this time around with a little surprise for her fans. She released another video titled "Plans" staring Tzy Panchak as the main vixen. In her mind, this was it. This was the song destiny had chosen. But NO!. Destiny had other plans.

Destiny was like; "Meshi, your progress for now has to be slow but sure. You will release another video titled 'Medecin' with very high hopes but my word stands"

Just as destiny had said, she released Medecin and it still wasn't the "medicine" for her growth rate. Well medecin took Meshi to the end of 2017, exactly one year after her debut. Lets hope "Mr Destiny" has better plans for Meshi this year 2018.





Meshi :- "Well, I am not satisfied with the response from fans so far. I know I have great songs which deserve a better response and recognition. Things will turn around this year. I will bring something no one has

However I'm not sad or disappointed. I just believe I have my own time and deep inside I always say "tomorrow is mine" 

Right now I'm trying to stand out in my music at the same time not going off the right lane, working on improving on my promotion strategies cos that's how the music is taken out there.

 I believe hard work,consistency, discipline, and good music will take me to where ever I want to be and give me recognition of all sorts; definitely, when the time is right. so I simply put in my best and let God lead"



From every point of view (Meshi's included), its not been a very smooth journey but she has kept the faith and hard work which has not been in vain. Her relentless push has gone a long way, earning her an award for 'Song Of The Year, North West' at Almost A Night Awards. Meshi has also been spotted performing at some A-class events, working with so A-Class producers and networking with some high A-entertainment gurus. I can't wait to see what "Mr Destiny" holds for a talent of such caliber this year 2018.


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