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The Impact/Importance Of Digital Media & Digital Transformation - DOUALA CONNECT : Make It A Date, Jan 25th

The rate of evolution of technology is scary.

Don't get left behind.

Every business opportunity is being brought to your finger tips.

Make use of it.

The world is going digital.

Go with it.


Of course its a basic necessity to understand the impact/importance of what you are getting into. What better way to do that than to associate and learn from the dons in the game?

BRAND VOICE has prepared the perfect arena to ease the process; Douala Connect 2018, an annual event whose first edition will take place on January 25th, 2018 at Akwa Palace Hotel in the city of Douala.

It is a question of sensitizing Cameroonian companies on the impact, the importance of digital media and digital transformation.

With the ambition to be at the forefront of innovation and new trends, Douala Connect will present itself as a unique meeting place with high added value between companies and digital players in Cameroon.

At the very beginning of a new year when ambitions are high, companies are looking at expanding to compete at international levels and vicious professionals are looking at enriching/equipping themselves with the right assets/knowledge/connects, DOUALA CONNECT Conference presents itself not only as an opportunity but also as a necessity.



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