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SABIBOY RECORDS’ STAR BOY, WAN SHEY, Cameroon’s TUPAC is coming for your coins like a tsunami and there will be no “change” left when his EP drops. So SAVE UP, be anxious and anticipate his imminent projects. Meanwhile enjoy  this sizzling, picturesque, visual pure rap track, STATUS UPDATE, with no hook.




This track explores and delves into the artist's panorama of political, historical, religious and spiritual matters.

This new visual track “STATUS UPDATE”, produced by the exceptional, Method J and shot by the visual masterminds, TGIM pictures,  is just a leading edge into what WAN SHEYreally has in store for his growing fan base as he gears up to release his second single and EP this year.

Wan Shey is not just a rapper he is a storyteller who uses his lyrical prowess to depict his life experiences in song. He believes in the philosophy of conscious thought by calling people's attention to the nitty-gritties of life people are oblivious to, little stories, and little people. That’s why most of his songs have melancholic undertones which are hardly perceived because of the colorful themes he uses to tell his stories in rhythm and poetry.

He doesn’t write lyrics, he paints pictures and makes you go through that experience with him.

As he seeks to solidify his position as one of Cameroon's finest lyricists, his new single, “STATUS UPDATE” is his way of showing gratitude to his growing fan base for hopping on this roller-coaster ride with him come MONDAY the 15th.



About Wan Shey

Name : Venayuver Shey Marc Authur

Stage name : Wan Shey
Wan shey is Cameroonian rapper, singer, communicator and Record Label Executive born in Tatum, Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon. As an upcoming artist he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with Magasco, Tzy Panchak, DaddyBlack, Mr Leo ,Tirajai, RoqZen amongst other relevant acts in the music Industry. He is an uprising talent that has proven his worth through his works online like Wuna Morning audio & Video, Head Of Family, Grass, etc,  all of these can be viewed on his youtube Channel, Sabiboy Records. This is not only an act to watch out for but a potential game changer as his music stems from uniqueness in spirit,  graced with very cultural undertones and an overall mastery of the arts.


Instagram@ i_am_wan_sheywww.instagram.com/i_am_wan_shey
Linked inwww.linkedIn.com/WanShey


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