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Ni Ny Imposes Herself On The Music Charts With Stunning Debut Video - Running Over


'Gospel Music In Cameroon Is Not Dead' :- Cameroonian gospel/inspirational singer Ni Ny just made statement even bolder.

Nina Ngum Niying known by the stage name Ni Ny began singing at the age of 6 and got into the studio in 2011 from there she worked with a series of record labels such as studio 7, Macadam ovni musics, till the year 2016 when she was signed as the first artist under  Rich Man Pikin Records.  Ni Ny is influenced and inspired by great singers like Sinach, Ada, yemi Alade and Daphne.



Ni Ny has as vision to reach out her  message, melodiously to the ends of the earth illuminating a dark mind towards the love and fear of God and also to bring out the experience of  love. She just took the first step to effect this, releasing her first official single, a very colorful and entertaining video with a strong message of joy and appreciation to God for overwhelming blessings.



The video which was directed by Yonka stands presently as one of the most creative/modern gospel videos Cameroon can boast of so far. The quality of her song, the content of her lyrics, her video attitude and her vocals are simply above the ordinary; hence I'm urged to prophesy, 'Ni Ny IS THE NEXT BIG THING AS FAR AS CAMEROONIAN MUSIC IS CONCERNED'.

Enjoy her debut single - Running Over



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