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GreenHouse Ventures - The Next big name in Cameroonian Agriculture

In 2014, we heard echoes of a certain GreenHouse Ventures company. Roland Fomundam who is the founder and current C.E.O had just made a publication of its incorporation documents on his timeline on Facebook.

At the time, the company sparked the airwaves with the introduction of their MVP (Most Viable/Valuable Product) - the greenhouse technology. It was their first prototype on Cameroonian soil. And as much as the technology was new to the eyes of many Cameroonians, many of them had heard of it either in classrooms and or even in movies.

Months turned in to years and the company has continued to WOW the Cameroonian people especially with its innovations, their benefits and most importantly, how they will impact the lives of many. We have also witnessed its growth from product to product and region to region and even to other countries of Africa.

Very recently, the company's CEO made a publication seeking advice on a marketing campaign they are looking to launch. He further published another flyer for a commissioned based sales model. The CEO has not made any further comments. But our intelligence has revealed that the company is gearing up for a magnanimous marketing campaign to sell out its "Operation 100 Greenhouse Farms".


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