Oh Yes the “Vocal goddess” is back!!!

Hailing from a family with a long history in music, her talent was evident from birth. Throughout the course of her education, Leonette was at the fore front of the choir which helped develop her talent. She finally made an impressive debut in 2012 as an afro pop singer/song writer, Leonette decided to take a step back, join a band and enhance her skills.



January 28, 2018, here comes Leonette imposing herself once again with a stunning come-back video titled NJUHSA under the canopy of MBOM’s Entertainment. As you’d expect, she has gotten better over the years. Her powerful vocal and her ability to blend her mother tongue, English & pidgin can never go unnoticed.

NJUHSA comes as a reintroduction of her unique genre of music in which Leonette reminisces on fireside stories her grandma use to tell her as she thrills her fans with her amazing voice and a catchy video concept excellently interpreted in pictures by Yonka Films. 

Sit back, relax and let music take over;

Leonette – Njuhsa (directed by Yonka)


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