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[EVENT] KamerLink set to launch first ever edition of KamerLink Magazine


KamerLink is proud to announce the launching of the maiden edition of the Kamerlink Magazine which is scheduled to take place on the 20th of December 2017 at the Buea Mountain Hotel as from 6pm.

KamerLink has been a platform existing for over three years as an online blog and a reputable promotion/PR company with vision to ensure a steady rise in Cameroons entertainment face by seemingly linking stakeholders in this industry with a common vision.


Do not miss the event of the season; KamerLink Magazine Launch.

This Magazine which shall be a quarterly production will allow persons dive into 237 entertainment ranging from music, movies, fashion to comedy. With a steadily rising followership, Kamerlink brings to you a revamped quality content from a team of young devoted persons whose sole aim is to see the industry thrive especially in a time when young talented minds are leaving their footprints in the sands of time.

The Team

  • Fon Felix (KamerLink),

  • Lukong Jude (Hovareigns Entertainment),

  • Clarisse Ndinge (Beta Tinz),

  • Ndedi Asek (Asek Arts)

  • Faith Tata (HiTv Cameroon),

  • Gina Efeti (Miss Gina Promotes Blog),

  • Lyonga Darling (HiTv Cameroon),

  • Angwere Miranda (TrandCamer),

  • Mbah Emmanuel.

  • Kelly Munge



  • Kamerlinkmag@gmail.com

  • Tel : (+237) 677192964

  • www.kamerlink.com

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