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[Lyrics] : Minguinteh By Ale Myz (#Reminisce EP)

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Minguinteh Lyrics

I woke up this morning,  this thing got me thinking,

bout my life back for primary school..

Reme bi warn we say any day whe rain fall, we must wear na chang shoes...

She gie we money for taxi, but we go knackam na foot foot

If we late for school, wa name go enter bad book

teacher go knack we for head,

 beat we for hand,

use some big big mulongo

Na so that thing be di hot



Minguinteh oh 3X

Now unto boarding school, it was abit miserable

A senior once told me to clean all classrooms just cuz I was 1minute late



Everyday was Marathon

We were always on the run,

When the seniors and big guns

Did the "handing over"

I want continue this tok,

Tori long time short,

Sweet memories too were made

Great friendships till date



Minguinteh oh 3X



Only made me stronger

Only made me wiser

Only made me better than before.

I am stronger

I feel better dancing to the rhythm of the song 2X



Minguinteh oh 3X



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