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Clear Creek Empire will be doing their grand launching on Saturday 25th, 2017 at La Villa Desiree, Ancienne Route Bonaberi. Clear Creek Empire is a record label that has existed for almost a year now. It is co-founded by Elvis C. Chumbow (Founder of critiqsite.com) and a host of bright-minded individuals, with the aim to nurture talented individuals into the finest entertainers using creative strategies unique to the record label.

The record label with headquarter in Douala, Houses three main artists, Djara (Also the label’s producer), Helene Snow White (Clear Creek's First Lady) and Cameroon’s fastest young rapper, ZeeJM (Mr Impeccable).


The event will start with a press conference at 5 pm.


Clear Creek Empire will be honored by the presence of great media including, but not limited to the following:-

BLOGGERS: 237xclusive, bontehsblog, dcodedtv, voilaMoi, kamerurbain, betatinz, sirakuchusblog, jmartinpromo, bimstr, critiqsite, kamerlink, bequadi, mammypi , KuzzahTVetc

RADIO/TV: TIA, BoomTV, TraceTV, EquinoxTV, Canal2, HiTV, Balafon Radio, CRTV

Magazines:  Kreef ent, Sa Majeste, Fabafriq, Kwata, Cameroon Tribune etc

This event will feature industry influencers and showbiz promoters like Anyi Asonganyi t(Ozi International), Mambe Churchill (Njorku), Eddie Bobo (Orange Cameroon), Otto Paul (Makonjo Media), Njikeng Asonganyi, Tancho Zinky (Model), Briana Lesley (Model), Geraldrico Guevara (Video Director), Fredash (Photographer), Alenne Menget (Comedian), Joan Ngomba (dcodedtv), Franko (artist), Sangtum (Artist) etc delegates and directors will also be present.

Performances from the label's artists, the premiere of Djara’s video – Afyui Tessam (Mbro) – directed by Geraldrico Guevara.


Clear Creek Empire is gradually building a professional audio-visual studio that will completely rejuvenate the entertainment industry for decades to come. 


We are privileged to have Alenne Menget as the host.


Social Media:

  • Facebook : @clearCreekEmpire

  • Instagram: @clearCreekEmpire

  • Youtube: @clearCreekEmpire

  • Twitter: @clearCreekEmpire

  • For More informations call/text to +237) 675619524


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