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[Discovery] : "Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-Ment" A New Page In The Cameroonian Entertainment Apologue


Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment is a cultural association initiated by CHATCHUA FONCHA BLAISE with the main aim of valorizing the culture of Cameroon through the exploration of diverse cultural activities such as: -music, movies, modeling, Comedy, and others. This initiative started in July 2016 with K2B MUSIC which gave birth to DAPPER PUZZLE ENT-10-MENT with just four members clinging to the vision to add to what had been done by its founder to add in the building of cultural and audio-visual landscape in Cameroon.

DAPPER PUZZLE ENT-10-MENT is divided into FIVE main departments namely: -Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Music, Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Movies, Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Comedy, Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Fashion/Modeling, Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Magazine and Dapper Puzzle Ent-10-ment Foundation.


4 are artists

  • Da Skillz Zama

  • Tony

  • N.E.W

  • Eboss

  1. N.E.W

Hailing from Bui division, NGONG EDMOND WIRWIFEIN was born on the 14/January/1994 Bamenda in the Northwest region of Cameroon. He attended both his primary and secondary education in the northwest region of Cameroon and later he got into the music industry in the year 2016 as a rapper with the artistic name N.E.W and was signed into the record label Dapper puzzle entertainment on the 1st November 2017.


2. T-illy

T-illy (Tony Adams M) was born on the 21,Jan,1990 in Douala,Cameroon to Parents Rose Nah Abungong (Cameroonian) business woman and father Terry Niel Adams(British) engineer.He is the only Child to his mother.He attended different schools within the littoral and NW and SW regions of Cameroon,He speaks both English and French fluently and has interest in other languages as créole.At the age of 15years(2005) T-illy started getting interested in music and decided to get involved wit the activity.He's been long searching for somebody trust worthy to work with till he met wit Forcha Blaise aka Illegal Beatz founder of Dapper Puzzle Enter-10-Ment wit who he is ready to put forth music into the world.


3. Da Skillz Zama

  • Name - Anye Brian Zama

  • Age - 24

  • Artistic genre - Afro rap concept music

  • Status - Married

  • Origin - Mankon

Zama started his professional music adventure in 2014 when finally assembled years of underground life experience coupled with virgin metaphors and word play to couple up tracks on my so called,mouth diarrhea EP. Before then he had been hitting freestyles with lucky dreck,TX,king chembo,dj airaz -from west wing to melting age production, Eboss, Aj-black gang records, bashbi, In zeero we trust-rhymesity, tastic dj, the list doesn't end.but music to him is like football to Messi; it's in the heart.

Zama is chemical engeeeing student and a business hustler and fancies soccer, sports, adventure, scientific discoveries and technology, humanitarian services etc. DPE formally known as k2b brought him to the light which shines on till date.

Zama :- "My fans and supporters are so well appreciated from my heart as I never expected the love and emotions to have such a great turn over.I name them my conceptians. They call me their conceptguy. Blood never gets old it only gets redder.

Together we stand"


4. EBoss

  • Age - 24

  • Origin - unknown

  • Started music - unknown

  • Strengths - Lyricist rapper composer

  • Hobbies - sports adventure



  • Producers

DJ Manu

  • Real name Mbah Emmanuel

  • Age 24

  • Studied mining engineering at ccu Bali

  • Currently into fashion trade, club dj n turntables

  • Script writing n online marketing.

  • Underground producer since 2015

  • Sports fan

  • Loves all good music



Label Mananger

Zeus (Tsanka Clinton) was born on the 19, Oct,1993 in Baffoussam, Cameroon, He grew up in Bamenda where he became a 70% Anglophone. In 2007 he entered the entertainment industry as an actor. 3years later, he got more into it and decided to switch to artist(s) label management. He's been long searching for somebody trust worthy to work with till he met wit Forcha Blaise aka Illegal Beatz founder of Dapper Puzzle Enter-10-Ment with who he is ready to put forth music into the world.



  • Web : duppleonline.com

  • Tel: 674672039, 651044964, 699995401

  • Email: dapperpuzzleent@gmail.com

  • Facebook : @DapperPuzzleEnt

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