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[VIDEO] : Na Mi Nami Cyrus Breaks His Deadly Silence With An Intense Sermon For Peace


I'm still wondering whether or not to keep labeling Na Mi Nami Cyrus as an Empire artiste. Nevertheless, he remains one of Kamer's most talented rappers of recent times. Its rather unfortunate his career at Empire was nothing like his fans had hoped for; the blame is still roaming in the air looking for where to perch.

Na Mi Nami Cyrus has been awfully silent living his fans worried and frustrated. The rapper has finally decided to break the silence and out of the blues, here he comes with his own opinion about the current situation of the country. Cyrus preaches peace and talks about his struggles and "The Struggle" in a brand new track which he titles "PEACE"(produced by Slimbeatz & Mr Melody). Cyrus bluntly reprimands violence, fighting and killing, highlighting peace as the only way forward.





I can't help but notice that there is no Empire tag/logo anywhere in Cyrus' new song neither was the song uploaded on Empire's youtube channel. This is a bold statement. Although no official statement has been made by any of the parties, their every move clearly implies they are not on the same page. From a long period of no releases, to Pit Baccardi posting a picture of Empire artistes without Cyrus and now Cyrus releasing a song on his personal Youtube channel without an Empire tag/logo. This is crystal clear to me; Empire Company and Na Mi Nami Cyrus are unofficially pulling apart. What if this it?  What would the future hold for Cyrus as a solo artiste?


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